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And people wonder how it could be so easy to whip people into mobs and burn and hang people and torture them we are witnessing proof as we speak it’s easy as fuck. Well, strapping meat onto yourself and swimming with sharks is pretty much common knowledge. So the Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Shirt black at Klan Rally… Problem is that being black can’t simply be taken off and put into one’s pocket. I got downvoted to hell for saying the same thing. Reddit is fucking whack sometimes. I thought we weren’t allowed to question the context of videos showing violence.

Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Tank Top
Tank Top
Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter V-neck

They are the bad guy here. It’s a mob pursuing a guy walking away and attacking him. Regardless of political beliefs, mob rule is not right. the Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Shirt as an “asshat” is legal. Assaulting someone because you disagree with them is not. It’s very simple. No amount of context makes it alright for a group of 20-30 people to swarm a single teenager and beat him down. Not okay to mob anyone Not even if they have different political views or skin color This is messed up and seems a bit hypocritical to beat an innocent man.

Official Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Hoodie
Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Sweatshirt

The protestors are still the bad guys here chief. Stick and stones my man. 20v1 is never a good thing even if the kid was being a dick head. No fuck that. You can’t give these guys an inch in terms of the Donald Trump Sons Of Trump 2020 MAGA Chapter Shirt. I’m not a trump supporter, but they still reserve the right to support who they want and to express that. Freedom of speech. Freedom of Association. If you betray those you’ve nothing left to fight for. Fuck Trump. Then the looters. Fuck these pieces of shit for beating this guy down and fuck the ignorance of your people for creating an environment.

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