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He never said that. From a certain point of view, possessing a droid may be an attachment for Jedi, he may recognize their equal rights so owning one would be enslavement. From my point of view, it’s entirely plausible, far more probable than not remembering the Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Shirt. Well, strictly speaking, he didn’t say anything wrong. Luke tells Obi-Wan that Artoo claims to belong to him. Just hold your breath and see, when the time is right the birds will bite your face. R2 alone saved his queen and her allies. He was there when Anakin met Padmé. He aided Anakin in completing his race-winning Podracer.

Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Tank Top
Tank Top
Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl V-neck

R2 spent years at Padmé’s side as a friend and bodyguard. He followed Padmé and Anakin all across the galaxy, witnessing highs and lows of their blossoming relationship. Statement: I love HK-47, you meat bag. But KotOR1 exists because T3 made Taris escape possible. The Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Shirt is exists. Because T3 repaired Ebon Hawk in the prologue. Unfortunately, that one guy at the Mos Eisley Cantina doesn’t agree with you. Ok I know people say that droids are only banned to make room for organic life forms that can actually consume the cantina’s products, but still.

Official Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Sweatshirt
Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Hoodie

I’ve always loved R2 (for like 30 years), but I recently watched TCW and realized that he is an absolute badass. When he gets his own battle droid squadron reprogrammed calling him “Commander” I lost my damn mind. He ruled the Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Basketball Girl Shirt with an iron fist too. Lost it when one questions him and he gets all mad at them. Also is the main reason that Luke comes back to the force but I guess we forget that. And also, the only reason that Rey and chewie were able to find the resistance members on credit when they were walking towards the back of the cave. This is some high-quality headcanon right here.

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