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Okay, thank god they decided not to actually go through with the charges against her… But that cop should be tried with manslaughter. That poor woman. Fuck that, I’m tired of cops thinking the can get away with anything. Throw the A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Shirt at them. I’d you want to be a cop you should hold to a much higher standard. Try going after a cop as a DA and your career are over. Cops and prosecutors have to work together every day. They’re on the same team. Most judges are former prosecutors as well. I had a teacher who was a former DA. A judge asked him to “take it easy” on his son.

A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Tank Top
Tank Top
A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage V-neck

Who was charged with DUI? He injured someone too, not sure if there were enhancements for that though. My teacher wouldn’t, and, of course, lost his job that same year and became a CRJ/pre-law professor. Shit was the A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Shirt. I don’t usually compliment people who put others in cages for anything, but I’d bet that he was about as good a guy as a prosecutor can be and got his career destroyed for it. Look how quickly these cops try to back out of the situation once they realize they accidentally pulled over the state DA for being black. Cop practically shits his pants.

Official A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Sweatshirt, Hoodie

A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Sweatshirt
A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Hoodie

Yup. The whole system is just as rotten as the police. And is what essentially enables and promotes the police abuse epidemic. Then the whole “justice” and the legal system so unbelievably fucked in the U.S. It all just needs to literally and figuratively burned to the A Girl Her Dog And Her Corvette Vintage Shirt. And it more like if McDonald’s had a union. That protected them while they abducted poor kids and sent them to be locked up and eventually ground into hamburger in slaughterhouses, then fed the kid-burgers to the local community. I love this video! And I love the look on her face when she catches them in their bullshit!

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