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Canada is so far ahead relative to other major…ahem… North American countries when it comes to stuff like this. I could see any city doing it, whether Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon, even our local Texas equivalents in Alberta! You’re not really being lowkey might as well come out. And say exactly who you’re talking about. Mexico. Near my house, there’s a call center with a Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Shirt, and the office workers can eat and lounge there. We have weed legalized across the country… that’s where all these ideas come from.

Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Women

Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Tank Top
Tank Top
Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage V-neck

We could be so much further ahead. I’m probably going to get downvoted for saying this, but I don’t really care. Our relationship with the US is a blessing and a curse. We have access to the largest economy in the Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Shirt, and as their much less populous neighbor, we need it. However, it means that we have to make certain regressive concessions in our own culture because of our relationship with them. We have to somewhat toe the line. Because without access to their economy we’d basically be fucked, and there’s blame on both sides of the border for this.

Official Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Sweatshirt
Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Hoodie

We’ve essentially failed at forming our own economy separate of theirs. Historically speaking almost everything that happens to theirs happens to ours on a 6-month delay. I suppose it’s inevitable being that it makes the most Garden Life Is Full Of Important Choices Vintage Shirt in pretty much every way to have them as our biggest trading partner while having way less leverage in negotiations because they have 10x+ the population and a fuckton more money. Our only real card is natural resources because of our landmass: population ratio. I’ll come up there if you want more people!

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  1. Orla

    Excellent product quality

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    Nice T-shirt

  3. Aurora (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great hoodie for cooler weather.

  4. Victoria90 (verified owner)

    Super soft and great quality.

  5. John Daniel (verified owner)

    Bought this for my daughter’s birthday this month. She’s gonna love it thank you…

  6. Louisa (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, it is exactly what it says it will be.

  7. Jen (verified owner)

    the hoodie has been washed many times, and so far, the logo has held on great. The sweatshirt has also not shrunk or become less soft in the wash.

  8. Laura (verified owner)

    We love this sweatshirt. It is durable, soft and arrived right on time for a dance he wanted to wear it to! Thank you.

  9. Sonali (verified owner)

    Love the color! Super soft!

  10. Isaac (verified owner)

    Look on this web before going from store to store!!

  11. Kelley (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a gift for my little brother and he loved/loves it.

  12. Dominic (verified owner)

    My dad loves his hoodie, and it fits perfectly. Does not shrink when washed and color does not fade either. Will definitely buy other colors.

  13. Figueroa (verified owner)

    Soft on the inside and on the outside. Bought a size up as recommended and perfectly fits.

  14. Blanche (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. Expected size. This pleased a preteen boy!! I would buy this sweatshirt again.

  15. Isaac (verified owner)

    My favorite hoodie! Fits great and very comfortable!

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    She likes her hoodies big. I really liked the color and quality was great.

  17. Lilmommad (verified owner)

    Great Price for product.

  18. McCabe (verified owner)

    I love the sweatshirts! I buy several every fall my son. They are soft, warm, and wear incredibly well.

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