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As I understand it, she is married to an American citizen now and wants to compete for the Americans after using Canadian taxpayer money to train to gold medal standards…I trust the court’s decision more than the athlete in this one… Sorry, Kallie! I think the number is way off base as well. But she could also be claiming her out of the Official Bobsleigh Player 2020 Quarantined Shirt for her training maybe. Since she is no longer part of Team Canada? Still don’t see how you get 45 million, after all, is said and done though. According to this total revenue and expenses were just shy of 3 million each in 2016. Net assets of just over 600k… 45 million are like Dr. Evil asking for 100 billion dollars. There’s only so much that this can bring until it all comes crashing down.

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Expenses of 3 million. Maybe it’s time to look into how our Olympic athletic committee is spending their finances. Fucking doesn’t cost 3 million to teach someone to ride a track that nobody except for other bobsledders fucking watch. Jesus Christ. Top stipend for Canadian athletes. In these kinds of sports. It is between 2-3k a month I believe in the Official Bobsleigh Player 2020 Quarantined Shirt. Prizes won by the team go to the team. Humphries isn’t pocketing the World Cup purse after race day. It will all come out… eventually, and it will 100% ruin public perception of her and probably destroy her career/chances of working with the American bobsledding team. She has benefited from Olympic glory and a very stellar media campaign so far in a rally of her.

Official Bobsleigh Player 2020 Quarantined Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Bobsleigh Player 2020 Quarantined Hoodie

Her claims of harassment, which have not been proven, are false. At the minimum, she is an attention-grabbing person who was jealous. Because the focus wasn’t all on her. Notice she’s never stated why she was harassed. Or how because the Official Bobsleigh Player 2020 Quarantined Shirt is ludicrous. And something I really wish I could leak, but can’t. The judge has even stated. From yesterday’s news briefing. That there is no substantive claim to harassment. Her contribution to the sport has been amazing for this country. And has transformed how we do sport. But underneath this facade is a person who’s ego is stuck center stage. Note that her second husband is based in America. And she rarely spends anytime here anymore.

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