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Guys, any updates on that idiot Vir Das? He was offered five times his asking rate to make jokes on Muslims for one hour, paid in advance if he agrees, anyone knows? We should be intolerant of jokes just like them then. Maybe it’s time to hold people accountable. I’m sick of the Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Shirt one all the time. He knows what is at stake so he probably ignored it. One thing is clear that it is always not about the money it is about their mindset. Shame we have to issue a warning to make them understand. How come they avoid other religions which haven’t even said anything about this matter?

Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic V-neck
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That’s the thing. I’m completely okay with them making jokes on our gods or religion IF they do it about other religions too. We’re not the Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Shirt, we’ve been bending over and taking it for centuries now. EXACTLY! I hated it when the guys at AIB had to apologize to a Church for their jokes on Christianity during the AIB roast but they are the same people who openly crack jokes on Hindu gods and when we object, we’re seen as intolerant and bigots. Also when someone cracks jokes on Islam, it’s seen as Islamophobia but when they crack jokes on Hinduism, it’s seen as secularism and progressiveness.

Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Sweatshirt
Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Hoodie

Yep, it should be fine to joke on any religion/religious figure. That includes profit. Man, this is turning out to be exactly how the Muslims react. We shouldn’t pander to the comedy made about our gods, etc. live and let live. Let’s not try to include everyone in the Official Heart I Am An Elephant Aholic Shirt. Those who choose to mock can do so, let them stay where they. Hardly. Extremists would chop their heads/hands-off, and moderates would defend the extremists. Our reaction is very well within the ambit of the law. Yeah. We might become exactly who we criticize. There have to limited to the comedy though.

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    Love this jacket! My husband wants one for himself! Super quality, well made.

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    Love the color! Super soft!

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    Exactly what I was looking for.

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    It was for my grandson and fit him perfect! He loved it!

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    Love the color! Super soft!

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    Loved the yellow color matched friend’s Nikes well. Great sweater. Thick enough for cold weather. Cozy. Friend loves it.

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    I gave this sweatshirt to my grandson for his birthday and he loves it. It fits great.

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    It fits but is a bit roomy which is exactly the fit she wanted. She loves it!

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    It was for my grandson and fit him perfect! He loved it!

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    Thank God, I finally found my son his favorite hoodie on this web!!!! We’re both very happy!

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    The kids love the warm and fit of this sweat shirt..Good quality, as well made as it was in the past..Thank you for carrying apparel, it’s back in style.

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    He loves them and says the sweatshirt is very soft inside. He is super picky about fabric texture. Great quality, red is very vibrant. 2 thumbs up.

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    She likes her hoodies big. I really liked the color and quality was great.

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