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I had 5 baby raccoons at one time that had to be bottle-fed and were kept until full grown. They never humped anything once and they would play with my golden retriever as if they were a dog. It was an experience that’s for sure but they were awesome to watch grow. We would also go to the local dam and catch crayfish and put them in an Official Let’s Make A Panda Shirt kiddy pool for them to catch. You’re 100% correct. Except my raccoon is litter trained now. So no more scratching from potty time. Now it’s crankiness from hunger. She will climb up in my chair and wait for me to make her bottle now though. And she’s eating soft foods. They will also continually come back to that spot to recheck for goodies at later times. They’re fascinating to watch and learn from. They’re way too curious for their own good.

Official Let’s Make A Panda Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Let’s Make A Panda Tank Top
Tank Top
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She loves bananas and grapes. I need to get a video of her munching. She chews with her mouth open. It’s adorable. My baby raccoon puts herself to bed. She’s two months old, about the Official Let’s Make A Panda Shirt size of the raccoon in the OP. She just wanders back to the bedroom, climbs up into bed, and snuggles under the blankets. Of course, she does this when we’re not looking, so we’ll notice that she’s “gone” and go looking for the raccoon-shaped lump under the covers. Just set up your shop in an area well populated with raccoons. Create a tunnel from the dumpster through to a room where you can train the raccoons to wash before entering the massage table area. Have the raccoons perform their duties and then dispense pay in the form of food at the conclusion of a shift. They clock out for the day and head back to the woods, then come back the next day with some friends.

Official Let’s Make A Panda Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Let’s Make A Panda Sweatshirt
Official Let’s Make A Panda Hoodie

Raccoons hands are constantly moving. What this baby is doing is totally normal. While not intentional on their part, the baby is learning to be more dexterous, learning more about the textures it will deal with within the Official Let’s Make A Panda Shirt environment, learning social skills associated with these humans, and practicing foraging skills all in this exercise. I can guarantee that this baby would be making the same hand motions on whatever it was next to at the time, even if a human weren’t there. It’s not uncommon for them to look around the environment while they do it either. I’ve watched a lot of raccoons find interesting stuff by just touching the right places. As soon as that hand finds something interesting, the raccoon will dig and explore that section until it’s satisfied there’s nothing else requiring attention.

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