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Not gonna lie, had a duck to this into a huge glass window where I used to work. She tried to walk it off and almost did for a couple of minutes, but eventually the trauma set in… The problem is the important Official Paws Flamingo Shirt is in front of the neck and takes the majority of the impact. Perhaps with all of that neck, this bird had one massive crumple zone that the duck didn’t. My dad explained TVs to me when I was 5, in great detail, from electron guns to satellites, I didn’t understand any of it then, but I’m glad he taught me all of it, I’m also glad that he actually explained it.

Official Paws Flamingo Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Paws Flamingo Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Paws Flamingo V-neck

Instead of making something simple up. Yeah, but all the forward-moving energy is in the body. Having the neck bend, the Official Paws Flamingo Shirt reduces the magnitude of the impact a fair bit. All I’m imaging now is the crumple zone on a flamingo neck and the test dummy crashes. The long necks are actually worse, the longer it is the more prone it is to buckling. Think about the force required to snap a piece of spaghetti, and how it changes as the length does. The same amount of force, you just have a lot better leverage to apply it with on a longer piece.

Official Paws Flamingo Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Paws Flamingo Sweatshirt
Official Paws Flamingo Hoodie

Disagree. My mom clipped an owl that was swooping down for a mouse or something. We were doing 40. We looped back and the dude was just sitting in the road. Called non-emergency, they gave us an Official Paws Flamingo Shirt rescues number who didn’t answer. So…we picked up this foot tall owl, and put it in our car, and took it home. I mean we couldn’t leave it in the street. We parked the car in the garage and left the car door open. Rescue person got back to us an hour later and said if it’s not bleeding, and if it looks normal, it’s likely just stunning.

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  1. Cassidy

    If you buy here, you don’t have to worry about the quality, I’ve bought the product 5 times in the store already

  2. Terminator

    Bought for the first time and was really surprised with the store’s product, it was really beautiful

  3. Gaitan (verified owner)

    My love lives how it fits not to big or small he said it’s perfect. Also it is a good quality sweatshirt.

  4. Aroca (verified owner)

    Perfect! Great quality, style and comfort.

  5. Debra (verified owner)

    It fits but is a bit roomy which is exactly the fit she wanted. She loves it!

  6. Starkowski (verified owner)

    the hoodie has been washed many times, and so far, the logo has held on great. The sweatshirt has also not shrunk or become less soft in the wash.

  7. Susanne R. (verified owner)

    Thank God, I finally found my son his favorite hoodie on this web!!!! We’re both very happy!

  8. Hockey (verified owner)

    I really liked this hoodie. Def true to size to order your actual size if possible

  9. Ryker (verified owner)

    My grandson loves his sweatshirt. It is comfortable, warm and washes great!!

  10. Donna (verified owner)

    It was for my grandson and fit him perfect! He loved it!

  11. Lisa (verified owner)

    Perfect. Fits great. Nice comfy sweatshirt he says. I love the look of it.

  12. Toast (verified owner)

    Loved the yellow color matched friend’s Nikes well. Great sweater. Thick enough for cold weather. Cozy. Friend loves it.

  13. Brian (verified owner)

    Make sure to check the size chart and read reviews. I feel like this was a bit short in the arms, but it doesn’t stop my son from wearing it.

  14. John C (verified owner)

    Soft on the inside and on the outside. Bought a size up as recommended and perfectly fits.

  15. S. Hunterm, Ashley (verified owner)

    This item was on the Christmas list and it was teen approved. My son is happy with this item.

  16. Elain (verified owner)

    Make sure to check the size chart and read reviews. I feel like this was a bit short in the arms, but it doesn’t stop my son from wearing it.

  17. MGoans (verified owner)

    Easily the most comfortable hoodie I have ever tried. It is very soft and warm.

  18. Jennie (verified owner)

    Great price for champion hoodie our daughter loves it fits great and as expected.

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