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I’m a huge fan of lists like this. I’m going to be checking back in on a handful I didn’t get a chance to dive into this past year and a few new ones that piqued my interest. This Is How You Lose the Time War and Katherine Arden’s Winternight trilogy have been on my TBR for a while, and this post bumped them up for sure. I should’ve known better seeing an Official Wayward Af Shirt. But I’m reading The Poppy War now, and your description of the next book gave a little bit of character progression away. I only mention it to say I think your list is a cool resource and could be augmented by adding in potential spoiler warnings for series novels. Oh, thanks for pointing out the Poppy War bit; I never know how much to keep hidden when talking about sequels.

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I changed the part I think you were referring to so it’s a bit vaguer. And yes, read Time War and Winternight! They’re very different, but I loved them both. I’m the same way when I’m describing new books even if they are stand-alone because so many SFF books start with big incidents that define the Official Wayward Af Shirt. Seconding this! I love your one-sentence summaries. You are the reviewer I dream of following. You’ve just added more to my to-read list than my entire friend list. So grateful. There was a user who was able to read 365 books though admitted to having poor recall ability, poorly understood, and sometimes did not enjoy the books he read because of the pace he was reading.

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Official Wayward Af Sweatshirt
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Maybe he was speed reading which in my opinion it’s bullshit. I tried it and even though at first tries I reduced my time/page by one third, I wasn’t able to live the Official Wayward Af Shirt. Not worth it IMO. I know someone who trains students to read faster. He says that the skimming and absorption type of speed reading is indeed bullshit. The way to do it right is to just push yourself to read faster. He says it’s like practicing anything else. The more you practice trying to read faster the faster you read. There are apps and online tools you can use to practice. They flash one word on the screen at a time. You slowly crank up the speed and practice with that speed until you are comfortable with it.

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    Nice T-shirt, delivered to the right size

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    Than I expected, thanks, your store

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    It fit my son great and it was very soft

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    excellent quality, good material the beautiful color to the photo, and it fit very well.

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    Fits as expected. Grandson loves this jacket.

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    It’s a good sweatshirt. It has become my mom favorite.

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    Soft, cake on time and perfect fit.

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    My son is a 4t. He’s a smaller kid. I ordered 5/6 and it actually fit him perfect.. so, I’d say again PERFECT fit for my little guy.

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    The price was pretty decent.

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    It fits great! Shipping was fast too.

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    Great quality, beautiful yellow color. I loves it.

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    Bought this for my daughter’s birthday this month. She’s gonna love it thank you…

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    My son is a 4t. He’s a smaller kid. I ordered 5/6 and it actually fit him perfect.. so, I’d say again PERFECT fit for my little guy.

  14. Bargain (verified owner)

    My grandson loved his shirt!! Quality was really good!! Size was a little smaller than expected but luckily he’s slim so it fit him!!

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    Look on this web before going from store to store!!

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    Very nice hoodie for young boy.

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    Getting this hoodie I was skeptical but it’s absolutely perfect and authentic I’ll be ordering more for my son!

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    It was for my grandson and fit him perfect! He loved it!

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