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A scolding means nothing. Not to mention, if some of these folks have houses on the coast or islands, why can’t they go? It might not be civically responsible. The people of Pichilemu took a shit into their own hands and blocked off roads last week. Now they gotta deal with these pieces of shit. I’m in Valparaiso holed up with the wife and there was an Official Wine Driveway Drinker Shirt getting out of Santiago last night coming this way. Caicos ciao. Recently had this with the guy over the road. Parked legally on our side of the road, no dropped curb issues, he wanted us to move so he could get in his wide-open driveway. Strangely we’d all had a couple of whiskeys, and he doesn’t have a taxi badge or insurance to drive one.

Wine Helping Me Survive Quarantine COVID-19 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Women

Official Wine Driveway Drinker V-neck
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But it’s their right to go to their own homes. The copter pilots were all fined for unnecessary operation, etc. I’m sure other citations were issued, not that they could really be pursued as only one was an FR national. This is why fines should be proportional to income. Here in the UK thousands of middle and upper-class people are traveling unnecessarily to second homes, with the Official Wine Driveway Drinker Shirt, traveling across the country. And disturbing small villages and coastal towns. A £60 fine is not going to do enough to deter them. Just do the same thing and find them for offenses, just like the poor. And fine would be the percentage of total worth, not a static number. You’ll see them start behaving in a jiffy. The same sons of bitches that brought the virus here in the first place.

Official Wine Helping Me Survive Quarantine COVID-19 Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Wine Driveway Drinker Sweatshirt
Official Wine Driveway Drinker Hoodie

A fucking slaughter is getting closer and closer. This happened in France (see article below) as well but luckily the French Police don’t take a shit and sent them back and fined the helicopter pilots as well. Also, see the ages of the women and men anyone else thinks they are some dodgy types and they wanted to bring some escorts along with them. He still parked in his drive 30 seconds later with the Official Wine Driveway Drinker Shirt, just had to change his angle of attack. If I’m wrong please enlighten me but I really don’t think I am! It seems that the rich and “ignorant” are taking charge of spreading the virus. I am not talking about passive ignorance, or lack of knowledge, but deliberately ignoring the consequences of their actions. And rich means rich enough to be able to travel. Unless the vans have Ambulance written on the side you’re on some serious high ground.

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    I really liked this hoodie. Def true to size to order your actual size if possible

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    I bought this for my boy friend. First I purchased a yellow one. He liked it so well that I ordered it again in white. Very Nice !!

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    It fit my son great and it was very soft

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