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Nope, that’s how it seems to a lot of us over here. If you’ve been breadpilled to a degree, you see the system is flawed and needs fixing. Personally, the way I see it is that America is neither a democracy nor a republic anymore. We are an oligarchy where the biggest corporations and their billionaires, the top 1% of the top 1%, control everything in their lustful conquest of Stop Hate For Profit Shirt money. Right now in America, it just shows that we’re exactly where they want is to be. Divided and fighting each other so that we can’t stand against them. Or if we try they send us below the poverty line to where we can’t afford to fight*. And Congress (on both sides) has proven itself incapable of helping the people and our politicians just line their pockets with cash.

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It was just never this egregious (or maybe it was and we just we’re even more ignorant). I personally consider myself a socialist (ooo bad word bad) but you can’t even say that without people assuming that you’re an evil totalitarian asshole fascist, because again, willful ignorance. Most of Stop Hate For Profit Shirt my lads fall within the soc dem/demsoc range but I honestly think it might be a little too late to fix things. I’d rather take up arms and exercise my right to revolt. Hey, never let anyone tell you that socialists are fascists. Here in Germany, the socialists were actually the strongest force opposing the nazis before and while they were grabbing power. The same goes for Italy and Spain.

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I appreciate your response man. I’m off the market socialist camp, so not full socialism as yeah that doesn’t work. I don’t think we’d be able to put something like that in place for a long time but I hope that these protests lead to real change, even if that does mean revolting. If a revolution does happen, well, I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is that’s for sure. I’ve been working through the entire COVID deal in a Stop Hate For Profit Shirt very nonessential factory. No hazard pay either. They sent some people home for two months and impeded their unemployment benefits. I’m pretty sure they got some of the bailout money that was supposed to allow them to shut down and continue paying workers.

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    The hoodie is very nice, I’ll be back next time

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    The t-shirts here make me very happy

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    Good quality, very satisfied, reasonable price

  4. Camden (verified owner)

    Great quality good cotton but very poor elastic. The fist and waist are big.

  5. Miranda (verified owner)

    Make sure to check the size chart and read reviews. I feel like this was a bit short in the arms, but it doesn’t stop my son from wearing it.

  6. KevinGT (verified owner)

    My grandson was looking for a new sweatshirt to wear to school. This one fit the bill great. Fits well and he is very happy with the style and how it fits.

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    True y to size. My love loves it and is very happy. It’s her new favorite hoodie.

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    I really likes this shirt.

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    This Hooded Sweatshirt is PERFECT! Soft..great quality..great fit..came right on time…LOVE IT. Oh and can’t forget this point..was less expensive than ones we had seen in stores.

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    Great product. Fast shipping.

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    Bought for my grandson for Christmas, so I have not given it to him. It looks like it will be a good fit and the quality seems very good.

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    Super soft and great quality.

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    I bought this for my nephew for Christmas. It fit perfectly. I could have gone up a size for longer keeps. He loves it though!

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    My daughter loves this sweatshirt! It’s comfy and soft and fits perfectly. We’ve washed it a number of times and no issues so far. I would recommend!

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    the hoodie has been washed many times, and so far, the logo has held on great. The sweatshirt has also not shrunk or become less soft in the wash.

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    Great price for champion hoodie our daughter loves it fits great and as expected.

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    My dad loves his hoodie, and it fits perfectly. Does not shrink when washed and color does not fade either. Will definitely buy other colors.

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    Everything about this hoodie is perfect.

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    We love this sweatshirt. It is durable, soft and arrived right on time for a dance he wanted to wear it to! Thank you.

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