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Tonic water has quinine in it which is an anti-malarial medicine. It was used by the British Army in expeditions (or worse) in India and Africa to stave off malaria. Quinine comes from tree bark and it is an extremely Official Bitter As Fuck Shirt. Thus, the quinine and water mixture is loaded up with sugar so it doesn’t taste as horrible. This is also why we have gin & tonics, British soldiers had a lot of gin, quinine, and sugar. Gin and sugar make quinine water tolerable. Note that modern tonic water is much less quinine than what is needed to prevent malaria.

Official Bitter As Fuck Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Women

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So you could only imagine how bitter the original drink must’ve been! If you look around at some specialty mix shops you can get more ‘authentic’ tonic water with more quinine. I’m not sure how close to the original Official Bitter As Fuck Shirt it is but I just about doubled the gin I would normally use and it tastes like a chewing a spruce tree powdered with aspirin. I do not recommend it. If consumed in high enough doses you can develop what is called Cinchonism (derived from Cinchona, the bark quinine is from) and it can be fairly dangerous.

Official Bitter As Fuck Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Bitter As Fuck Sweatshirt
Official Bitter As Fuck Hoodie

We in the craft bar community have to be mindful when creating house-made tonic syrups. Though it’s unlikely to get to this level with the Official Bitter As Fuck Shirt that tastes decent. I thought this was the case. It would be cool if you could slug back a few G&Ts before a trip to the jungle. The story goes that Clarissa Dickson Wright, a TV chef, and notorious alcoholic, was once asked by her doctor if she was being treated for malaria. Young lady, he said patronizingly, You’d have to drink an awful lot of Gin and Tonics to get this level of quinine in your system.

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