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This is blatantly a joke. She was stripping and trying to become Instagram famous until she was 22, and she’s only been truly rich for like 3 years. She might be an Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Shirt. But she didn’t become this out of touch that fast. She’s fucking around. This is a problem – I thought it was real. I don’t know who Cardi B is and there’s nothing sarcastic in the way she’s speaking. It sucks that this has been taken out of context by OP of that’s the case – bad OP and mods need to flag as misleading. Ug this just makes me frustrated. There were already 100 threads on this where it was explained this was satire.

Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Apparently the masses like to dogpile on people they collectively don’t like without using any critical thinking skills. Get DoorDash. Or UberEats, or GrubHub. Or any other food delivery that I don’t have because I’m poor and I don’t live in an affluent neighborhood. You can argue about the Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Shirt. Whether it’s a good joke or if it’s tasteless, but I don’t understand the obtuseness of everyone acting like she’s dead serious. All are fucking pricey. I got Wingstop the other day for my girlfriend and I. After fee and tip it was like almost $60 for something that would’ve cost $30 if I called up to order and picked it up myself.

Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Sweatshirt
Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Hoodie

It was damn good food though. I honestly don’t get it, and I don’t even like Cardi. To be frank, I honestly doubt any of these people. They have any real reasoning behind their hate for her either. She’s just someone people like to hate. Reddit has some of the Official Crazy Beagle Face Mask Lady 2020 #Quarantined Shirt. Cardi B is ghetto and trashy, but trashy ghetto people love cereal. She’s def not above cereal. Plus that fake crying was super obvious. Unless this sub needs to get a grip. Because clearly, your average Redditor can’t even tell when a female celebrity is being satirical. Half of the people in this thread barely know who she is.

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    The first time to buy very satisfied, there will be opportunities to buy again

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    Nice shirt, fit. Buy at the store many times

  3. Ryker (verified owner)

    It fit my son great and it was very soft

  4. Christabel (verified owner)

    A very well made product for a rough and tough teen.

  5. Susanne R. (verified owner)

    Great quality, beautiful yellow color. I loves it.

  6. Turley (verified owner)

    Came in quick and fit perfect

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    The price was pretty decent.

  8. Kevin (verified owner)

    A very well made product for a rough and tough teen.

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    True y to size. My love loves it and is very happy. It’s her new favorite hoodie.

  10. V Clowdus (verified owner)

    Soft, cake on time and perfect fit.

  11. Brittany (verified owner)

    Comfortable and good quality.

  12. Dakota (verified owner)

    Loved the yellow color matched friend’s Nikes well. Great sweater. Thick enough for cold weather. Cozy. Friend loves it.

  13. Reuter (verified owner)

    Authentic product from what I can tell.

  14. Crystal (verified owner)

    It was for my grandson and fit him perfect! He loved it!

  15. R. Carter (verified owner)

    It fits but is a bit roomy which is exactly the fit she wanted. She loves it!

  16. Erick (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly, fit true to size and 100% happy with his purchase.

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    It is a perfect substitute for a light jacket also. Absolutely worth every penny, you can not go wrong! My son was very happy overall

  18. R. Carter (verified owner)

    He loves them and says the sweatshirt is very soft inside. He is super picky about fabric texture. Great quality, red is very vibrant. 2 thumbs up.

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