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There is an elastic effect of response to legitimate concerns of someone being violated. The MeToo movement started with exposing some seriously fucked up sexual misconduct and people seeing it unfold thought “well shit I’ve got a Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable Shirt story to tell that’s pretty similar to that” and you start seeing people empowered to speak up about their injustices which I still think is a fundamentally good thing. However, eventually, you get enough people speaking up and you start seeing instances of “misconduct” which are a little less cut and dry or is a person’s perception of injustice against them. We need to remember that sometimes people have a flawed perception and there is nuance to every occurrence.

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Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable Tank Top
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I think we are seeing a similar series of events unfold with the BLM movement. For the record, I think BLM as a movement is a very great thing – there is a LOT of injustice inherent in our executive and judicial systems against black people, and unfortunately, a lot of uneducated (I don’t mean uneducated in a Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable Shirt disparaging way but simply unaware) people don’t even know about it because it isn’t happening in their social circles. This is true. Do you want to guess which type/color person it was doing the harassing as I try to peacefully walk away? Black young adults.

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Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable Sweatshirt
Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable V-neck

Just as with the MeToo movement, people are starting to see these injustices and say “well hey, what about my experience” and people automatically snap to the judgement that they were right based on the context given, disregarding the possibility that maybe that person has a flawed perception of what happened. The Strong Woman Tattoo Australian Girl Unbreakable Shirt speed of social media allows people to make up their own minds based on the context given before all the facts come out. Let’s take a super recent example. George Floyd was not a good person. His rap sheet was reasonably long. The guy was a deadbeat and kinda a shitbag. nd yes this has only ever happened on the subway. It sucks but it’s also just the truth. Where I live, I have never had a white person do anything like that to me.

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