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In the SDBH show Dio’s VA voices Hearts and don’t quote me on this but I think Lagos VA is Lisa Lisa’s. Patrick Seitz was originally planned to be Jotaro but part of me was glad that it was Dio instead. I think the Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Shirt in his pockets thing was deliberate by Toriyama to make him seem mysterious but also relaxed like he doesn’t need to take fighting seriously since he’s a time stopping assassin who kills in one hit. His power only works if he is holding his breath, so breathing through a tank would not help his ability. If there was a way he could get oxygen.

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Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Tank Top
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While holding his breath, he would be op. And pocket dimensions where Hit was hiding until the end of the tournament. Lmao. I love fan theories. Gotenks was by far the worst thing that could have happened to the two of the Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Shirt, and it, unfortunately, caused them to no longer have any use outside of fusion. At least the same treatment wasn’t given to Goku and Vegeta. Imagine the two of them cease to exist as separate characters and now we just have Vegito or Gogeta. Goku and Vegeta. Imagine the two of them cease to exist as separate characters.

Official Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Sweatshirt
Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Hoodie

And now we just have Vegito or Gogeta. Dragonball Multiverse, a fan manga that had a multiversal tournament before it was cool. Competitors include perma-fused Vegito, Broly who’s been riding up in a block of the Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Warriors Z Shirt for 20 years, and a Buu who successfully absorbed everyone in his universe with a shred of power. Krillin’s my favorite character in the series and it makes me sad when people clown on him, he’s canonically the strongest human in existence. Plus he advocates for Vegeta to become an ally and his deaths actually force Goku to become stronger.

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