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As a child of the wind gods, Julien would eventually be directed to the Anemoi cabin. The plus-shaped building in camp, second to the Muse cabin and perhaps rivaled by the Hermes cabin. Luckily it was a quiet day in the cabin, Amanda was most likely still exploring the place, Helena was still at the pavilion for meals, as far as Mackenzie knew, and Mackenzie had no idea where Alex had gotten to. While Mackenzie enjoyed living with this Top Make America Godly Again Shirt. It was still nice to be alone sometimes. And Mackenzie was taking advantage of the relative emptiness of the Anemoi cabin. In the common room, she was busy playing wall ball, bouncing her beach ball against the walls of the cabin. The common where all the winds met was empty besides ladder leading up the Aeolus wing.

Top Make America Godly Again Shirt

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Why hadn’t she come up with this idea sooner? As all good things must eventually come to an end, Julien realized that he had to check out the cabin at some point. His backpack and duffel bag were growing increasingly heavy with each person he talked to. If he didn’t take the Top Make America Godly Again Shirt, he might never make it. That was how Julien fortuitously found himself outside the Anemoi cabin. Through the numerous conversations he’d had until now, many of the gaps in his understanding of the modern, mythological world had been filled. He stepped into the Anemoi cabin through the entrance in the Zephyrus wing and was met with absolute silence. Looking at the girl, he got a hit with a strange sensation of déjà vu.

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Top Make America Godly Again Sweatshirt
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His brows furrowed and the unnaturally wide grin normally covering his face shrunk just a bit, not disappearing entirely. Maintaining a visual on the girl, he fully entered the room. With a wordless, contemplative look, Julien unconsciously brought a hand up to his chin. All the while, his eyes poured over the girl, completely disregarding the fact that this was a shorter, younger girl he was staring at. Something about the Top Make America Godly Again Shirt. In particular, struck him as familiar. Despite the mysterious feeling, he was fairly certain that he’d never actually met her before and yet… something still felt off… In another life, perhaps, they might’ve been friends. The feeling faded not too long after it appeared and he was brought back to reality.

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