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In college I had one of my black friends tell me it my family’s fault for his ancestors enslaved. Truth be told, I pretty sure every Weed Love American Independence Day Shirt has horrible people in it considering they all millions of years old. México had slavery as well, Spanish people owned the slaves (black and indigenous). After Mexican independence and abolish slavery… Many slaves from the USA came to Mexico to be free.  Technically Mexico was not Mexico until after independence. Before it was “New Spain”. And southern states didn’t want Mexico to be annexed.

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Because of this, they didn’t want another state fighting against slavery. Actually, by that time, the Kansas-Nebraska compromise came into effect and said that any new territories to the Weed Love American Independence Day Shirt would be slaveholding. California was only exempt because they’d declared a free republic before the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. The actual territory annexed as a result of the treaty, California excluded, was roughly equal between slave and free states. Annexing the rest of Mexico would have upset that balance and would have guaranteed a long, hard occupation.

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I thought it was a global phenomenon. As the southern states of Mexico were and are where most of the population is. The annexed area was almost completely empty at the time, barring Greater Los Angeles. Neither was the Weed Love American Independence Day Shirt. So slavery has literally existed for over 10,000 years. At some point, everyone has either had a lineage that was either a slave or a slave owner. This is why reparations are utterly ludicrous to me. Well if their opposition had won, then the Hispanics would have been their slaves. It’s how the world worked throughout history.

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    I bought one for my 10 year old girl (xl) and one for my 8 year old boy (medium) Both fit perfectly. I have washed both a couple of times and they still look brand new. I would definitely recommend this hoodie!

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    I gave this as a birthday gift to my grandson. And he wore it everyday for a week. He says it is so comfortable.

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    Perfect. Fits great. Nice comfy sweatshirt he says. I love the look of it.

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    My love lives how it fits not to big or small he said it’s perfect. Also it is a good quality sweatshirt.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars Great hoodie for cooler weather.

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    Well made and great price! My 12 year old Granddaughter LOVED it!!! So, I bought it again.

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    It is a perfect substitute for a light jacket also. Absolutely worth every penny, you can not go wrong! My son was very happy overall

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    My dad loves this sweatshirt. Very comfortable and true to size. I definitely recommend!

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    My love lives how it fits not to big or small he said it’s perfect. Also it is a good quality sweatshirt.

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    Great quality good cotton but very poor elastic. The fist and waist are big.

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    mom loves the hoodie. WaRm good quality and fits good.

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    My favorite hoodie! Fits great and very comfortable!

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    Bought this for my daughter’s birthday this month. She’s gonna love it thank you…

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