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Reminds me of the video of the black dude picking up trash to clean his neighborhood and police were called because he was “armed” with a trash claw. The policeman who arrived on the scene drew his gun on him and shouted at him to drop the weapon and called a lot of Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Shirt reinforcements. I remember this. It was infuriating to watch. The student was right to 8 cops and cars including a Capt because this dumb shit couldn’t just apologize and walk away. After not complying, they specifically shot him in the leg to handle the situation. Danish police also do not carry tasers.

Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Tank Top
Tank Top
Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace V-neck

I am not saying the old white guy was in the wrong as he was upset too but it just shows how the word of a black person is never believed. A cop got ANGRY and called me a liar in front of my wife because I said I didn’t realize there were two toll booths on the Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Shirt road and I ran out of cash after the first (they don’t take the card in the post-2014 world). He’s like “oh so you never drove this way before?” It legit was my first time. He saw where we lived and because he knew locals commonly made the drive I just had to know. It was insane. Like, just send me a fucking bill for the $5!

Official Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace  Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Sweatshirt
Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Hoodie

I dunno, the presentation of the video seems rather biased. I mean, I know the dude claims that he didn’t do anything wrong, but if you examine the video closely enough, you’ll see that he’s clearly in possession of Wool You Just Let Me Knit In Peace Shirt excess levels of melanin, which if you’ll review the standard police operating procedures handbook is actually a crime punishable by immediate execution. Exactly. You could take a guy with a sword easily. Pepper spray him to disable his vision. Shoot him in the leg worst case if things get crazy. Also…they shot him in the back while he was running also. He was charging them.

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  1. Watson

    Quality products commensurate with the price

  2. Jena

    Quality coat suitable for the price. Liked very much

  3. Alex-O. (verified owner)

    It fit my son great and it was very soft

  4. Jennifer Coons (verified owner)

    My grandson loved his shirt!! Quality was really good!! Size was a little smaller than expected but luckily he’s slim so it fit him!!

  5. V Clowdus (verified owner)

    Well made and great price! My 12 year old Granddaughter LOVED it!!! So, I bought it again.

  6. Heins (verified owner)

    Love this hoodie! Great quality & super comfy!

  7. Turley (verified owner)

    It fits perfect just as expected.

  8. Carrie (verified owner)

    Great quality, beautiful yellow color. I loves it.

  9. Charles (verified owner)

    Very Comfortable. 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent.

  10. Alberto (verified owner)

    It fit my son great and it was very soft

  11. Jenny Adams (verified owner)

    Love this hoodie! Great quality & super comfy!

  12. F. Practo (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. Expected size. This pleased a preteen boy!! I would buy this sweatshirt again.

  13. Salardino (verified owner)

    I really liked this hoodie. Def true to size to order your actual size if possible

  14. Aura Perdomo (verified owner)

    Perfect! Great quality, style and comfort.

  15. Maria (verified owner)

    I gave this sweatshirt to my grandson for his birthday and he loves it. It fits great.

  16. Dr. Tony (verified owner)

    I bought this for my nephew for Christmas. It fit perfectly. I could have gone up a size for longer keeps. He loves it though!

  17. Satyam P. (verified owner)

    It fits but is a bit roomy which is exactly the fit she wanted. She loves it!

  18. Samuel (verified owner)

    Thank God, I finally found my son his favorite hoodie on this web!!!! We’re both very happy!

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